How To








Specify  Your Door


Choose your door style - View the Superior Doors Range






Choose your jamb  - View Standard Jamb Options






Determine your stud size/Wall thickness


Carefully measure the wall thickness from outside edge to outside edge of the wall linings >>










Determine your trim size


To determine trim size measure from stud to stud. >>








Right or left hung


Hanging terminology –when opening the door towards you, if the hinges are on the left handside the door would be left hung and vice versa for right hung.



Choose your Hinge colour ( 6 Standard Options )






Pre drilled or not/ Standard 54.70 or Not ( Consult the packaging  that your door handles

arrived in to determine the correct pre drilling diameter.


Drilling – at no extra cost we drill 54/70, 54/60  and 25/60. There will be an additional charge for non standard drilling.



Generic Installation Advise or pitfalls to watch for


Be sure to install the hinge side door jamb plumb,  not flush to the stud.  This may mean packing the jamb in several places to achive the best results.




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