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Raked Doors


Make the most out of those difficult areas such as under stairs and attics by utilising our raked door option.  We can custom make your doors to fit the space.  Your door(s) can be trimmed on an angle to suit your required dimensions.  Available for single and double doors.


Replacement doors - Routing and Matching


Replacing a door is easy with our custom sizing available.  If you require a replacement door, or would like to upgrade your existing doors with a more modern feel, our team is happy to help.


By using your existing door(s) we can match the style, hinges, and hinge routering to suit.  Once your new door is completed, you will be able to rehang it easily back into the frame.

This is also a cost effective solution for old, draughty, broken or dated doors.


Hanging own doors


If you have acquired your own doors, our team is able to prehang these to your requirements.

Our standard range of hinges are available to you, or you could choose to use your own.


Customised Vision Panels


Vision panel doors can be an attractive addition to any space.  Whether you require more natural light, ambiance or to make a statement, our team can custom design and manufacture a vision panel to suit.  We also have an extensive range of standard vision panel options.


Depending on the size of the door, you may choose to have more than one vision panel per door.  Our vision panels are square or rectangular.

Once your vision panel is cut out and beaded it is ready for your choice of glass.


(Please Note glass is not provided)

We offer two standard beading options - Internal or External.  Internal beading is commonly used for lift doors and cavity slider doors.


Contact our team to discuss your options.



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