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Nationwide Prehung Doors are machined and assembled by one of the most sophisticated pre hanging plants in Australasia and monitored by our experienced technicians.  We source our doors and components from the best manufactures and suppliers from around New Zealand.


What this means is consistent precision and quality time after time.  Contact us now to discuss what you need and get expert advise.


Bi fold Doors


Bifold doors are the perfect solution for areas in your home which require freedom of movement sometimes and privacy at others.


At Nationwide Prehung we can custom build Bifold's to suit anything from large commercial environments to smaller personal spaces.


Enhance the flow of movement between spaces in your home, office or larger with a Nationwide Bifold door.






Cavity & Surface Sliders


Cavity & Surface sliders offer many interesting options to open up space and flow in your home or work environment.


Sliders can be used in areas such as corners where other doors are impractical and use wasted space in or on walls to create unhindered movement in any environment.


We source a variety of components from around the country to enable us to custom build sliders for any space and to solve any problem.







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